The alternate dimension my son calls reality


The alternate dimension my son calls reality.

This blog is great! My 18 year old daughter lives in a different reality than the average person, and it’s driven my crazy since I started noticing this at around age 2 or 3. Even now, nothing is ever her fault. That whole action & consequence thing is lost on her.


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Single Mom in my earlier days, learned to live simply and frugally out of necessity. Now an empty-nester with daughter in her early 20's. I'm also a newly wed in my mid 40's. My husband and I don't need to live frugally but I won't change my habits because it's just not in me to be wasteful.

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  1. I smiled when I saw this, because I have two older (cusp of adulthood kids). My mom used to tell me (bless her soul) “When kids act their worst they need your love the most.”

    I’ve been struggling the last few years to let my son face “natural consequences.” I try not to fix or interfere in any way to lessen the results of his actions – it’s taken awhile (some kids learn faster than others) but it seems to be slowly working.

    That took the pressure of me and made me feel less inclined to lecture, yell, save him from situations, expect some type of emotional response from him such as regret, sorrow, shame, apologetic behavior, and lessened my emotional tie in…but not my love!

    Hope that helps!

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