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A frightful time to be had at The Scareatorium!


My daughter is a paid costume actor at The Scareatorium in Dublin, Ohio. They are a class-act venue, with very talented makeup artists and actors. I volunteered on night, and worked as a zombie along side my daughter. Apparently I’m ‘a natural’ at being a zombie, and was quite scary & believable! LOL, me a quiet 40 year old single mom who has no social life. Becca’s zombie character is great. She will start out underneath a funeral carriage, and when she sees guests coming, she starts crawling out and jerkily (is that a word?) standing up and coming toward them snarling and growling. It’s quite a site, let me tell you!

I don’t know if I’m supposed to actually say this, but her face prosthetic? It was cut from a sheet used in the making of Dawn of the Dead. Pretty cool, huh?

I'ma come getcha

Omm nomm nomm nomm

Her 'wound' glistened with 'blood & gore'.

Can you see the black teeth? She also had a black tongue!